FPT Values and Mission

Like all companies with the aspiration of enjoying coming to work, we want to cultivate relationships with Colleagues, Customers and Suppliers alike where we can be open, honest and frank and enjoy the experience of applying ourselves to delivering solutions.  Our Core Values, which we hope you share, are to become a trusted partner, offer analyser solutions from the whole of the market, provide knowledge, willingness to adapt, drive and fairness.


Our core values in detail

Trusted Partner
An open and frank relationship with our Suppliers and Customers to help get to the nub of an issue
Whole of market
An independent company without external pressures from an distant owner brand
Industry knowledge
Experienced personnel expert in a number of disciplines – process chemistry, electrical systems and safety, filter plant and pollution abatement systems
Willingness to adapt
Willingness to adapt efficiently and effectively to the demands of the various markets.
Drive for action
Looking for internal and external challenges to further enhance our professional development.
Win-win approach. Clearly defined rules. Taking responsibility for possible errors. Spirit of goodwill.

Industrial Measurement
Industrial Measurement

Supply and support of specialist industrial instrumentation products, services and custom solutions with particular focus on environmental controls, emissions and process measurements.

Key Component Analysis
Key Component Analysis

Application of laboratory instrumentation tools like Mass Spectrometery, FID and Laser Spectroscopy in environmental, medical, quality control, and industrial process applications

Service & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance

We are not just suppliers of products – our experience allows us to advise with maintenance, reporting and compliance to help remove problems associated with managing monitoring.

Need To Discuss?

If you have a project or requirement which you would prefer to discuss then please call +44 (0) 1246 264945 or visit our contact page for further details