The “go-to” solution for most combustion applications

The M&C sample probes version SP2000…, SP2300-H and SP2400-H are used for continuous extraction of gases from dust laden, high temperature and/or humid processes.

The sample probes are designed for easy installation, reliable operation and trouble free maintenance. They are versatile in application and depending on the task to be performed various sample tubes or pre-filters (see data sheet 2.14 and 2.17), not included in the scale of delivery, can be simply screwed into the probe (G 3/4» thread).


Key Features

  • Optimum operational reliability
  • Universal applicability
  • Adaption to nearly all process condi- tions due to its compact and modular design
  • Easy mounting and maintanance
  • Small volume, fast response time

Brochure / Data sheet

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